The program for 2018 is here: Program. (Some revisions have happened. Note also that the exam has been moved to October 31.)

Since Jackson's introduction is written for experts, I have provided one of my own:
Introduction. (By now it also covers Chapter 1, a bit better than my handwritten notes do.) For the rest of the lectures there are handwritten notes with comments on Jackson's story, from which you can also read out what parts of the book I include in the course. (There should be some revisions in some of the latter, as we proceed.) Namely Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5 , and Chapter 6 , and Odds and ends , are available. For special relativity, I will follow chapter 1 in my own notes on Electrodynamics, rather than Jackson's chapter 11. Finally, I have rough notes (to be improved) on energy, and plane waves .

Some problems I suggest you solve:
Problems. Some of them I will do in the lectures, and some of them Anders will do in the exercise classes. Exactly which problems Anders will do will be announced as we proceed. For September 11, the list is here . For September 18, here . For September 25, here . For October 16, here . For October 23, here .

Anders Lundkvist is responsible for the exercise classes. You can get written copies of his solutions if you contact me.

Finally, some old