The introductory meeting for the course happened on August 29, and some decisions about the course schedule were taken then. The core of the teaching will be via problem solving with comments by the teacher, along the lines of "Hermods". (If you have sufficiently old Swedish grandparents, they may know what I'm talking about.)

For supplementary reading at a somewhat lower lever than Jackson, the Feynman Lectures, volume II, are the best. Among my favourite textbooks, apart from Jackson, are Abraham and Becker, Panofsky and Phillips, and the recent one by Wald.

A detailed program for the course, including grading criteria etc, is here: Program . Updated September 15.

The course will follow the lecture notes I make:
My notes . Updated August 16. There are some handwritten notes on plane waves too.

Lukas K├Ânig is responsible for the exercise classes. His solutions have started to appear, namely
here .