If you really want to know, here is what Hoyle wrote on teaching. Some of it, that is:

Like entropy, which perpetually increases, educational standards perpetually worsen. And like entropy, which increases inevitably because of the policies of physics, education worsens inevitably because of the policies of educators. There was none of this in the old days of rote-learning, preferably done by chanting.

I have never learned the lines of Macbeth or King Lear, but I will bet that those who have will have gone through something like the following experience. After continuing for days, weeks, or even months thinking they knew the part thoroughly, a sudden perception of several lines will have hit them all in a moment, and they will then exclaim in delight to themselves "Well, surely THIS is what old-man Shakespeare must REALLY have meant!". This is certainly what happens in science and mathematics. True understanding comes from just such perceptions. Since these perceptions involve the fine-processing of highly ordered information in the brain, carefully learned technique is an essential prerequisite. True understanding cannot be picked up casually from a lecturer on the rostrum, any more than one can learn to ride a bicycle by watching someone else riding a bicycle. Facts, techniques, and meanings thrown higgledy-piggledy into the brain produce as flat a situation as all kinds of food thrown at random into a stewpot.

Incidentally, Hoyle's views on administration were also well balanced:

I do not see any sense in continuing to skirmish on a battlefield where I can never hope to win. The Cambridge system is effectively designed to prevent one ever establishing a directed policy---key decisions can be upset by ill-informed and politically motivated committees. To be effective in this system one must forever be watching one's colleagues, almost like a Robespierre spy system. If one does so, then of course little time is left for any real science.

Of course, his comments were on Cambridge University only. But I proudly add that I am not supported by the totally corrupt Swedish Research Council (VR).